• Unique Solutions for SSC – Science and Technology is encapsulated with systematic and formulated knowledge. Worth to the name, this reference book is unique for its exam oriented approach, colourful illustrations, simple language and concept clearance. Since the answers given are totally based on the text book matter and as per the guidelines on paper evaluation by the SSC board, students can completely rely on this study material for scoring maximum marks in this subject. Truly, the SSC students are blessed with UNIQUE SOLUTIONS ® …….

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  • The academic year 2013-14 marks the completion of 25 successful years of dedication in my professional career. On this auspicious occasion I, Mr. Sarfraz Merchant, the Founder and the Principal of Masters Tutorials, Yari Road, Versova, Andheri ( W), must compliment UEP for your efficiency and professionalism.The quality of service offered by UEP, our decade old contact has been highly impressive. Your level of service is superb, rare and genuine – a service beyond reproach. I want to express my appreciation for the wonderful experience I had in working with you and express my admiration for the quality of notes. Everything about the book – the interior layout, the cover design, the placement and clarity of the photos, the paper quality, binding and of course the content are marvelous. From start to finish, you have been excellent to work with and I look forward to an ongoing relationship with you for the books and order fulfillment.
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    Mr. Sarfraz Merchant

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  • I prefer Unique Solutions ® as the content is written in simple language and is perfect exam oriented book. The colourful books of Science & Technology, History & Geography are very good and makes my study easier with colourful images. The audio – video CD of Science have helped me a lot in understanding the concept and revising during the exam. Truly awesome books. I am a big fan of Unique!!!.

    Mohammed Raza

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  • MAGIC POINTS of social subject makes easy to memorize the points.Colourful Diagrams of science appear more understandable, attractive and which seems to be real.With the help of more English grammar exercises given so students can learn and practice more easily. Special important formulas of algebra and geometry are given at one place so it becomes easy to find. Writing skills of language subjects are best examples for students to frame same topic in their own words. Practice question papers with solution are like best friends of every student. Over all “UNIQUE SOLUTION ®” is a best guide for every student of SSC to score good percentage.

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